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The Story so far...

In an age long forgotten, several powerful relics, known as 'The

Ammolites,' were gifted to the people of Lancashire. These

artefacts were imbued with primal and potent magic to protect

early human settlements from the terrors and dangers of the

outside world. And as those settlements grew into villages, towns

and cities, The Ammolites kept them safe.

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Order of Chaos

That is until the evil 'Order of Chaos' sought to capture and convert the relics to their own nefarious ways - to bring chaos and

evil into the lives of Lancashire!

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League of Adventurers

To stop this from happening, Wizards from the 'League of Adventurers', cast powerful Protection Spells onto The Ammolites,

to keep them safe from the Order of Chaos. This enchantment has held strong for a thousand years, and all has been well.

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Until now! For, you see, after such a long time, the spells woven upon the Ammolites have begun to weaken.

In a matter of days, the enchantments will break, and the Order of Chaos will return to

claim the relics as their own!

We can’t let this happen!

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